Opinion Polling - Survey research can quickly and effectively uncover public attitudes, but polling is only accurate with the right sample, the right survey instrument, and the right methodologies. Even then, the most important part of polling is not generating the data: it's the prescriptive analysis of the poll results that enlightens your organization's behavior. Opinion Diagnostics has a reputation for providing highly accurate poll results with affordable pricing, accompanied by thorough analysis and actionable insights. 

Advertisement Testing - Your organization is about to spend thousands or millions of dollars on an ad campaign. Is it effective with your existing supporters or customers, and will it help convert new ones? Opinion Diagnostics can test how changes in message, creative, and copy can enhance the persuasiveness of your advertising. 

Market Data Analysis - How well do you understand your target market? By cataloguing your organizations existing data and enriching it with proprietary and public datasets, Opinion Diagnostics can uncover the unique dispositions of the individuals in your market, and diagnose what actions you should take to win a greater share. 

Predictive Modeling - By obtaining a large enough dataset of individual opinions, we can estimate the probability that others in your target market hold the same viewpoint on a person-by-person basis. This allows your organization to create a highly accurate target universe for your next advertising campaign. 

Other Services - Focus groups, data mining to support grassroots and advocacy campaigns, specialized data enhancement, and more.

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