Mixed Mode Methodology - Opinion Diagnostics conducts public opinion and modeling surveys using a mixture of live telephone, IVR, SMS, and online panel respondents. As each method differs in terms of cost, respondent demographics, and available question formats, we can match client needs while preserving the desired level of accuracy. 

Multi-Electorate Weighting™ - Opinion pollsters introduce a tremendous amount of error by guessing about the demographics of who will turnout in the next election, and presenting this information as gospel. When 'leading' pollsters guess wrong - and influence other pollsters to do the same - the resulting groupthink introduces bias across the entire ecosystem of public opinion polling. That's how supposed "wave elections" like 2022 fizzle out.

Opinion Diagnostics avoids this by using a system called Multi-Electorate Weighting™. We will weight your poll results to match the demographic attributes of the electorate in up to four comparable elections of your choice, and present each model side-by-side. For example, a candidate considering whether to run in 2024 or wait until 2026 can see how their favorability differs between those that vote in a presidential versus a midterm election.  

ClearTabs™ - Traditional banner reports that span hundreds of pages and contain mostly insignificant data are a thing of the past. With ClearTabs™, Opinion Diagnostics' proprietary crosstabulation format, you receive richly detailed reports that are condensed by an order of magnitude from other pollsters. This helps to identify relevant, actionable insights from your survey data. 

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