April 11, 2023

Dear Friend,

I’m happy to announce that Patrick Sebastian is joining Opinion Diagnostics as Partner.

Patrick and I first met ten years ago during Governor Chris Christie’s re-election campaign in New Jersey. Since then, we’ve partnered on dozens of projects encompassing polling, data modeling and analytics, media planning, and political software development.

Patrick brings a wealth of experience to Opinion Diagnostics, but his most valuable skill will be helping the organizations we serve make practical use of the information they’ve acquired. It’s one thing to know what the polling says or what a target market thinks, but what generates real value is assisting our clients to drive the most persuasive messaging to their consumers and voters.

As a general consultant with experience at the federal and statewide level, Patrick knows precisely how our clients make use of polling and data, and the insights that can make or break their campaigns and initiatives.

Patrick is a native of North Carolina, and will be an invaluable addition as Opinion Diagnostics grows in the Southeast and in Washington, D.C.

If Patrick and I can help your organization discover, analyze, and affect how your target market thinks and feels, please reach out.

Brian Wynne