March 20, 2023

Dear Friend,

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching a new polling, data analytics, and market research firm: Opinion Diagnostics.

Opinion Diagnostics is the culmination of my career experience as a political strategist and consultant. As Campaign Manager and Senior Political Advisor for Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito, I had the privilege to work with many of the leading minds in political data and public opinion research in Massachusetts and nationally. I’ve seen how insightful data, accompanied by thoughtful analysis and actionable insights, can advance campaigns, advocacy organizations, and businesses.

My decision to found Opinion Diagnostics is also tied to my experience in 2022 as pollster for the coalition opposing Massachusetts Question 1. While our campaign worked off accurate internal numbers, the ecosystem of MA public opinion pollsters missed the mark on Question 1 by as much as 23 points, despite it being the most expensive, high profile, and closest statewide election on the ballot. In December, I wrote in the Boston Globe about how these pollsters needed to reevaluate in the wake of this misfire; unfortunately, there is little evidence they have done so. I also witnessed how some internal pollsters lost focus on quality and precision, provided data that proved inaccurate, or drew the wrong conclusions that led winnable campaigns astray. 

Respectfully, I can do better.

Opinion Diagnostics is launching with a suite of products including polling, advertisement testing, and voter and consumer data analysis. You can browse for more information on my methodologies, which provide equal accuracy at a more affordable price point than other pollsters, as well as the powerful and unique analysis tools developed to transform numbers into actionable intelligence.

I’ve already fielded internal surveys this year for statewide and congressional races in advance of this formal launch, and am looking forward to publicly releasing data in the coming weeks. I also plan to launch a recurring, public tracking survey in Massachusetts that will be more nimble and (I hope) more intriguing than typical polls. More to come on that in Q2. 

If you believe that Opinion Diagnostics can help make your campaign, advocacy effort, or company more effective, please contact me at

To receive ongoing updates, including public data releases, please click the link below to subscribe to emails and to follow Opinion Diagnostics on Twitter.  

Thank you, and I look forward to sharing updates on Opinion Diagnostics’ progress with you in the coming weeks and months.

Brian Wynne